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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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  • Editorial 15
  • Guest Editorial. Remigijus Čiegis. Management Principles of Society’s Sustainable Development and Transformation of Economy 19
  • Articles
  • Bruno S. Sergi. How to Make IMF-Supported Programmes Credible. A Tripartite Body Versus the ‘Letters of Intent’ 37
  • Helle Hammer. Investment Decision Making: A Case Study of Six Estonian Companies 52
  • Vilhelm K. Bohutskyy. Approaching New Ideas in Poverty Research 72
  • Raminta Pučėtaitė. Ethics of Participation and Its Impact on Organization’s Competitiveness: Managerial Issues in Some Lithuanian Companies 91
  • John Kuada, Rūta Janulevičienė. Perspectives on Female Entrepreneurs: a Comparative Review of Studies in the West and the Transition Economies 109
  • Greg Allen. Rethinking Hofstede: Intercultural Management in Poland 123
  • Reviews
  • Book Reviews 138
  • Reviews on Doctoral Dissertations 144
  • Reviews on International Conferences and Seminars 153
  • Reviews on National Conferences and Seminars 165
  • Promoting National and International Scientific Events 170
  • Notes for Contributors 174
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