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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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  • Editorial 17
  • Guest Editorial. Danuta Diskienė, Birutė Galinienė, Albinas Marčinskas. Managerial Attitudes in the Context of Global Challenges: The Lithuanian Survey 21
  • Special Editorial. Povilas Gylys. On the Scope of the Science of Economics: A Holistic Approach 39
  • Articles
  • Financial Transformations in CEE Countries
  • Bartłomiej Nita. Transformation of Management Accounting: from Management Control to Performance Management 53
  • Józefa Monika Gryko, Marta Kluzek. The Influence of the Tax Factor on Investment Effectiveness in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries 65
  • Vytautas P. Pranulis, Dainora Grundey, Vincentas R. Giedraitis, Rasa Vogelius. A Myopic Vision: Risks Beyond the Maastricht Inflation Criteria 75
  • Ruta Šneidere. Accounting Policy and Quality of Financial Statements in Latvia: Analysis and Assessment 86
  • Institutional Challenges in the Transition Context
  • Borisas Melnikas. Integral Space Creation Processes in the Baltic Region: The New Case of Transformations in the European Union 99
  • Shahdad Naghshpour, Bruno S. Sergi. Democracy and Economic Growth: the Experience in Southeast Europe 120
  • Dainora Grundey. Sustainable Energy Projects in Lithuania for Promoting Regional Development 129
  • Willem Karel M. Brauers, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas. Multi-objective Optimization in Location Theory with a Simulation for a Department Store 163
  • Reviews
  • Book Reviews 184
  • Reviews on Doctoral Dissertations 197
  • Promoting National and International Scientific Events 200
  • Promoting International Scientific Networks 205
  • Notes for Contributors 211
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