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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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  • Guest Editorial. Leon Leszek Dorozik, Danuta Kopycińska. On Polish Economy in the Globalisation Age 19
  • Articles
  • Transformational Challenges for Finance Market in CEEC
  • Elzbieta Adamowicz, Konrad Walczyk. Comparative Analysis of Structures of the Polish and the Euro Area Economies 23
  • Tomasz Bernat. Consolidation and Performance Effectiveness in the Polish Insurance Market – Chosen Examples of Mergers 33
  • Paulius Danenas, Gintautas Garsva. Support Vector Machines and their Application in Credit Risk Evaluation Process 46
  • Paweł Stępień. Strategies of the Financial Restructuring of over Regular Hedging against Exchange Risk 59
  • Implications for Market Developing in Polish Industrial Sectors
  • Małgorzata Kokocińska. The Path of Sectoral Changes in Large Developed European Countries: The Polish Perspective 68
  • Mirela Romanowska. Effectiveness of Reorganization of an Enterprise Operating in a Globalized Sector 83
  • Leonard Henryk Rozenberg, Leon Leszek Dorozik. The Influence of Globalization on the Restructuring Process of the Polish Shipbuilding Industry: Situational Analysis 94
  • Barbara Kryk. Evaluation of Environmental Policy Pursued by Poland during the Transformation and Globalization of the Economy 110
  • Transforming Labour Market in Poland
  • Danuta Kopycińska. Human Capital Management in the Polish Economy 129
  • Maria Piotrowska. Wage Inequality in Poland from the Globalization Perspective 148
  • Developments in Polish Higher Education
  • Teresa Kamińska. The ICT Usage as an Attribute of the Knowledge-Based Economy – Poland’s Case 166
  • Wojciech Jarecki. Public and Individual Investment in Polish Higher Education 184
  • Marek Kunasz. Barriers to Development and Institutional Support for Entrepreneurship in Poland – The Role that Higher Education Institutions Occupy in Support System 200
  • Consumer Preferences in CEEC Markets
  • Katarzyna Włodarczyk-Śpiewak. Polish Consumers’ Preferences in the Era of Globalization 216
  • Magdalena Mojsiewicz. Polarity of Customer Approaches: Paradoxes of Measuring the Utility of Insurance Policy 236
  • Vytautas V. Sirtautas, Daiva Sirtautiene. Consumers’ Attitudes Towards TV Commercials and the Tendencies of their Behaviour in the Lithuanian Market: A Generational Study 249
  • Notes for Contributors 265
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