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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Kuriame Lietuvos ateitį
  • Editorial 19
  • Guest Editorial. Birute Visokaviciene, Arturas Kaklauskas, Birute Galiniene. Conceptual Model of Monetary Policy in Lithuania 20
  • Special Editorial. Joan Llonch, Alex Rialp, Josep Rialp. Marketing Capabilities, Enterprise Optimization Programs and Performance in Early Transition Economies: The Case of Cuban SOEs 45
  • Articles
  • Financial and Economic Transformations in the EU
  • Algirdas Miskinis, Martina Mikneviciute. Comparative Analysis of FDI Incentives in New EU Member States 72
  • Asta Klimaviciene, Donatas Pilinkus. The Impact of Sovereign Credit Rating Changes on the Stock Markets in Central and Eastern Europe 87
  • Stefan Bojnec, Laure Latruffe. Farm Size and Efficiency during Transition: Insights from Slovenian Farms 104
  • Socio-Economic Valuation of Selected Industrial Sectors
  • Karel Janda, Jakub Mikolasek. Success in Economic Transformation of the Czech Beer Industry and Its Social Costs and Benefits 117
  • Lidija Hauptman, Vito Bobek, Vesna Cancer, Igor Perko, Romana Korez Vide. Policy Support for the Internationalization of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: Evidence from Slovenia 138
  • Daniel Solomon. The Effectiveness of Candidate Campaign Expenditure Given Candidate Career Success: An Interaction Term Study of Challengers and Incumbents for US House Elections 155
  • Sustainable Solutions for Developing Industries
  • Rita Vilke. Advanced Tools for Community Value-Based Change: CSR Integrated Balanced Scorecard Systems 172
  • Alena Kocmanova, Mirko Dohnal, Tomas Meluzin. Qualitative Equationless Models as Simple Integrators of Vague Sustainability Knowledge Items 187
  • Petras Barsauskas, Ralph-Jörn Kurschus, Vaida Pilinkiene. The Influence of the Global Crisis on German Economy 197
  • Reviews
  • Book Reviews 213
  • Reviews on Doctoral Dissertations 217
  • Reviews on International and National Conferences and Seminars 220
  • Promoting National and International Scientific Events 224
  • Promoting International Scientific Networks 227
  • Notes for Contributors 231
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