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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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  • Editorial 17
  • Guest Editorial. Larisa Belinskaja, Birute Galiniene. Baltic States: From Giddy Success towards the Financial Meltdown? 19
  • Special Editorial. A. Kaklauskas, E.K. Zavadskas, A. Bagdonavicius, L. Kelpsiene, D. Bardauskiene, V. Kutut. Conceptual Modelling of Construction and Real Estate Crisis with Emphasis on Comparative Qualitative Aspects Description 42
  • Articles
  • Corporate Governance in CEE Countries
  • Aaro Hazak, Kadri Mannasoo. Indicators of Corporate Default – EU-Based Empirical Study 62
  • Raimundas Armonas, Greta Druteikiene, Albinas Marcinskas. An Integrated Model of Growth Strategy in a Global Industry: Multilevel Approach 77
  • Bruno S. Sergi, Yu Hsing. Responses of Real Output to Changes in Euro Exchange Rates, Stock Prices, and other Macroeconomic Conditions in Italy 101
  • Entrepreneurship Transformations in Poland
  • Jaroslaw Korpysa. Unemployment as a Main Determinant of Entrepreneurship 109
  • Anna Pawlowska, Agnieszka Kacprzak, Adam Strzelecki. To be or not to be... an Entrepreneur? The Analysis of Polish Students’ Entrepreneurial Predispositions 124
  • Researching Consumer Behaviour in CEEC
  • Tanja Dmitrovic, Irena Vida. Consumer Behaviour Induced by Product Nationality: The Evolution of the Field and its Theoretical Antecedents 145
  • Rimantas Stanikunas. Buyer Power: Its Economic Concept and Competition 166
  • S. Urbonavicius, V. Dikcius, J. Gineikiene, M. Degutis. Country of Origin Effects in the Context of Transformations: Nostalgia, Ethnocentrism and Animosity 182
  • Reviews
  • Book Reviews 203
  • Reviews on Doctoral Dissertations 206
  • Promoting National and International Scientific Events 210
  • Promoting International Scientific Networks 213
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