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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Researching Students’ Entrepreneurship Skills in Post-Socialist Countries: A Multi-Country Survey (Part 2)
Tomasz Bernat, Jarosław Korpysa, Dainora Grundey, Baiba Šavriņa, Yurij Bilan, Andrea Koren

ABSTRACT. This paper comprises two parts, the first one, presenting the theoretical overview on entrepreneurship, was published in "Transformations in Business & Economics", Vol. 8, No 2(17), 2009. In Part 2, the main theoretical framework on students’ entrepreneurship is further adopted for the multi-country survey of students’ entrepreneurship skills at the universities in six selected post-socialist countries, namely Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Hungary. This is Part 2 of the paper, presenting entrepreneurship survey findings and their interpretations in all surveyed countries.

KEYWORDS: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship index, education and training, post-socialist countries, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary.

JEL classification: L26, P36, P2.

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