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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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The Interaction of Marketing Planning and Marketing Decisions in the Context of Globalisation
Rita Kuvykaitė, Monika Alimienė

ABSTRACT. Nowadays many Lithuanian companies seek for new foreign markets. Success of international business depends on company‘s experience abroad, its resources, skills and effective marketing. Marketing planning and a decisive marketing complex are especially important in the global market. The research made by some foreign scientists also analysed the importance of marketing planning in the global market. It was revealed that the adhering ones to a high degree of formal planning achieved better competitive and organizational results than those who prefer informal planning of marketing activities. The article studies peculiarities of global marketing planning, provides a summary of opinions on the issues of global marketing planning expressed by different authors as well as presents the globalisation and planning influence on the marketing decisions made by a company. There are results of the recent research on decision making and marketing planning interaction in the global Lithuanian mineral, chemical, plastic, rubber industrial marketing.

KEYWORDS: marketing globalisation, marketing planning, marketing decisions, interaction.

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