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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Linking Manager-Related Factors to the Level of Market Orientation in a Company
Sigitas Urbonavičius, Vytautas Dikčius, Dainora Grundey

ABSTRACT. The article concentrates on measuring levels of marketing orientation of companies and relationship of this level with manager-related factors. Specifically, such factors as personality traits, manager’s needs at work (motivation), leadership style, conflict-solving style and source of power are analysed. Analysis is performed by using interdisciplinary methodology that allows broadening discussion about market orientation of companies and factors that influence its levels. Findings allow stating companies with similarly high levels of market orientation are also similar by their management-related factors, i.e. there is a favourable combination of these factors that well matches high levels of market orientation.

Empirical data is obtained by surveying management of Lithuanian furniture companies, and reflects specifics of economies in transition.

KEYWORDS: market orientation, management, furniture industry, transition economies, Lithuania.

JEL classification: M31, P2, P29.

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