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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Property Valuation in the Context of Transformations: The Case of Lithuania
Albinas Marčinskas, Birutė Galinienė

ABSTRACT. According to Melnikas (2002), Over a historically short period of time (from the crash of Soviet system in 1990 till the European Union accession in 2004) Lithuania has undergone rather cardinal and at the same time very intense political, economic and social transformations. The status of property in the system and mechanisms of its increase have changed substantially. National property valuers have played an unequally important role in this process. Eventually, the new EU reality created the need to objectively evaluate the development of property valuation system and to identify the existing problems. Eventually, the immature property valuation system and the absence of the concept of its development will hamper the integration processes of Lithuanian property valuers’ community ousting it into the periphery of the European property valuation system.

KEYWORDS: transformation of the property valuation system, qualification scheme, ethics, the EU, Lithuania.

JEL classification: P2, L85, M14, H43, D46.

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