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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Roghayeh Sarlab, Reza Rostamzadeh, Houriyhe Dehghanpouri, Jonas Saparauskas, Zenonas Turskis

ABSTRACT: Digital technology, including its omnipresent connectedness and its powerful artificial intelligence, is the most recent long wave of humanity’s socioeconomic evolution. Also, how we utilize them are reshaping business, even as the underlying technologies that power computers, robotics, and smart equipment are advancing quickly, becoming more potent, and affecting businesses far more quickly than in the past. Today, digital innovation and transformation are capable of providing a significant competitive edge. Digital technologies have been widely used and adopted over the past few decades in all spheres of economic life, such as the sports industry. They have been instrumental in assisting management, training, and exercise procedures, as well as in raising their level of competition and performance. In the present research, the effect of digital technology and innovation on the performance of sports clubs is conceptualized and put to the test. In particular, this paper aims to improve the performance of sports clubs in digital applications according to technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things via identifying the mediation role of customer behavior between digital innovation and the performance of the sports clubs and exploring the moderation role of digital innovations. Primary data are gathered through a survey given to participants in Tehran athletic groups. There are 357 total respondents in the study. The data are analyzed using partial least squares. The outcomes demonstrate that consumer actions are crucial in mediating the positive association between the efficiency of digital apps and sports clubs. Additionally, there is a positive and considerable impact of digital apps on consumer behavior. Furthermore, digital innovation positively moderates the interaction effect between customer behavior and the performance of sports clubs.

KEYWORDS:  digital applications, customer behavior, digital innovation, performance, sports clubs.

JEL classification:  D23, L83, C83

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