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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Samer Khouri, Andrea Rosova, Martin Straka, Marcel Behun

ABSTRACT. Measuring and assessing of logistics performance are considered company operations and activities to be provided especially objectively, timely, precise information about the different logistics processes, so that the logistics processes can be under control in order to specified fulfilment targets and logistics requirements. The performance of the logistics process directly influences overall performance of the logistics company and measure and evaluate the performance of the logistics system of the company should gradually become part of management and of logistics performance should be measured constantly. Company manager in collaboration with the logistics department or controlling department should formulate their decisions based on timely, accurate, objective and complete information. It depends on these quality received management decisions and the future of the company as such. That analysis and related performance evaluation of logistics system obtain this type of information. Thanks to these we can evaluate past, present and expected future performance of company logistics system. The future of company is also related to today's rapidly changing business environment. For company is very difficult to maintain long-term competitive advantage that it guarantees a higher efficiency. For its sustainability therefore not enough efforts to its permanent increase and it is essential to monitoring, continuous evaluation. Distribution logistics is an integral part of company logistics. Distribution filling can be characterized by a series of interrelated functions that require the information equipment and use of a large number of synthetic and analytical methods that are used to create a distribution tools, to its control, standardization and under.

KEYWORDS:  evaluation, performance, logistics costs, distribution logistics, company.

JEL classification:  M00, M11, M19, O10, Z00.

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