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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Nijole Petkeviciute, Violeta Barvydiene, Nastasija Surpikiene

ABSTRACT. The paper discloses the genesis of emergent leader-follower relationships in the authentic leadership process. Positive organizational psychology and existential authenticity literature was analysed to examine the constructs of authentic leadership and leader-follower relationship, the effects of authentic leaders on followers, as well as personal and organizational challenges authentic leaders face constructing authenticity and building authentic relationships within organization. The qualitative research with authentic leaders and their followers was conducted to examine the genesis of emergent authentic leader-follower relationships within organization. The literature review and the empirical research results reveal that both positive organizational psychology and existential authenticity approaches must be applied to accurately define the concept of authentic leadership and to disclose the genesis of leader-follower relationships. Authentic leader-follower relationship genesis consists of: leader's conscious self-development, self-awareness and awareness of follower impact on his/ her authentic personality, congruence of leader's and follower's values regarding work behaviour, and leader's willingness to build authentic relationships. Authentic leaders form the relationships by performing unconditional trust, by communicating directly and transparently, by discovering and communicating meaning, by focusing on followers' development. With its strong focus on how followers perceive leader's individual and relational authenticity, the research contributes to the development of authentic leadership measurement.

KEYWORDS:  authentic leadership, authentic leader-follower relationship, executives, labour management.

JEL classification:  M12, M19, M54.

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