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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Vilma Atkociuniene, Ilona Kiausiene

ABSTRACT. Existing theoretical basis does not provide opportunities for innovative management of rural social infrastructure (RSI). Consequently, the multicomplex definition of RSI management shall be drawn up, main management principles substantiated, factors, influencing RSI status and development in Lithuanian rural areas, analysed and assessed and RSI development scenario justified. The aim of the research is to prepare the scenarios of rural social infrastructure development after the establishment of the impetuses predestining systemic changes. The tasks of the research are to reveal the characteristics of the types of scenarios of rural social infrastructure development; to distinguish the types of localities according to RSI state and the tendencies of development of RSI sectors; to establish the characteristics of the impetuses predestining systemic RSI changes. The main driving forces of RSI development or the objects that arise and promote the analysed events in the spatial territorial system are the network of RSI objects; the sorts of RSI activities; RSI agents and relations; the conditions of the strategic breakthrough of RSI development. The scenarios were created for 3 types of localities which have been distinguished: excellent and good RSI state exceeding the demands of local population; satisfactory RSI state corresponding to the demands of the population; very poor and poor RSI state slow in meeting the demands of the local population. The scenarios of RSI of Lithuania were created according to the strategic foresights: the strengthening of integration and cooperation between RSI sectors, objects, activities and agents; the stimulation of coordinated communication and multilateral partnership between RSI development agents; innovative employment of natural, cultural and human resources aiming to strengthen local economics; the diversification of organization of social goods and services and the forms of provision. The scenarios of RSI development are closely interconnected .

KEYWORDS:  rural social infrastructure, scenarios, Lithuania.

JEL classification:  L31, O21, O35, Q01.

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