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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Aleksandra Gasior

ABSTRACT. The article's aim is to present the impact of one of the more important determinants of economic factors, i.e., remuneration for making decisions on the restructuring process of large enterprises in Poland. Salaries were investigated by taking into account both the demand and supply of labour, characterizing their minimum size in the European Union. The complexity of the issue carried out in the article is supported by the literature studies concerning both aspects of remuneration as well as restructuring, which indicates the difficult scale of restructuring process. The work consists of four parts. The first part, introduction, shows what restructuring is in a concise manner. Next part was characterized by the remuneration in the light of the legislation and items of remuneration in the profit-and-loss balance sheet in the company. Afterwards, the empirical part contains a description of the research methodologies and the results of the empirical research. Finally, the article presented conclusions from the main item of this article, which was to verify the hypothesis: Compensation of the employees is one of the most important determinants that influence taking the decision to restructure by large companies in Poland. The conducted discussion shows that, despite improvement in the rate of minimum wage, Poland still belongs to the group of countries with low wages. However, as it has been proven that, despite the fact that earnings are not that high for the entrepreneurs operating in the conditions of the Polish economy, it is one of the most important factors determining their decision to undertake the restructuring process .

KEYWORDS: restructuring, large enterprises, wages, minimum wages, costs, the European Union, Poland.

JEL classification: E24, G34, G38.

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