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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Renata Dana Nitu-Antonie, Nicoleta Sirghi, Camelia-Daniela Hategan, Emoke-Szidonia Feder, Oana Ramona Socoliuc

ABSTRACT.The aim of this study is to identify the antecedents of entrepreneurial intention in the particular case of undergraduate and master students, the beneficiaries of economic education and entrepreneurship training programmes. The analysis was performed on a group of undergraduate and master students from the West University of Timisoara. The authors of this article focused their attention on the behavioural and psychological factors, as determinants of entrepreneurial intention, which are specific to the model of rational action and planned behaviour, supplemented by elements identified in other studies. The construct entrepreneurial education program type, which is operationalized through internships with or without the tutorial assistance, moderates the investigated causality relationship. The empirical results shown that the surveyed population display an entrepreneurial intention that is highly dependent on all behavioural characteristics, but also on some psychological features included in the research model .

KEYWORDS: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention, Theory of Planned Behaviour, internship program, education and development.

JEL classification: L26, L20, M13, I25, P46.

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