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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Vilma Atkociuniene, Ilona Kiausiene

ABSTRACT.Eco-social indicators need to be given more importance in the management of an evidence-based public policy and results-oriented rural social infrastructure (RSI) in order for them to become an integral measure in the monitoring of country's development. The research aim - to prepare and test a methodology for the multidimensional assessment of the condition of RSI in order to ensure the territorial and social cohesion. The following objectives have been set out: 1) to summarize theoretical aspects of rural social infrastructure development in the context of territorial social cohesion; 2) to prepare a methodology for the multidimensional assessment of RSI; 3) to reveal inequalities and critical areas of Lithuanian RSI development. The analysis of Lithuanian RSI data revealed differences in KSI development in different regions which negatively affect Lithuania's competitiveness and territorial social cohesion. While the articles notes that there have been some positive changes in the use of investment projects over the last couple of years, it also indicates that management of RSI availability and accessibility with respect to locations and sectors is not optimal. It explains that the implementation of KSI investment measures suffers from the lack of support from transportation, communications and telecommunications sectors, whereas the assessment of education, training, consultancy and culture, sports, and recreation sectors as providers of education and agents which introduce the population to more differentiated KSI services remains controversial.

KEYWORDS: rural social infrastructure, rural areas, territorial social cohesion, Lithuania.

JEL classification: H41, H54, R11.

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