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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Albertas Skurvydas, Mati Paasuke, Dovile Valanciene, Kristina Zaicenkoviene, Jolanta Gedviliene

ABSTRACT.Today we live in a changing world. Values, attitudes, our thinking paradigms are changing. At this stage of changing paradigms of thought, it is useful to examine the extent of scientific articles in which the concepts representing the new science are used in the best said databases of scientific articles, and how these concepts are used (if we attempt to define them, describe their context, or just mention them). It is also useful to examine in what areas of science we can mostly find reflections of new science, exploring, in what areas of science the concepts of new science are mostly used. It is likely that the new science is rapidly evolving through scientific articles. After the conceptual overview of the cognition of the new science and one of the key concepts representing it, the paper aims to explore how often (under quantitative aspect) and how (under qualitative aspect) these concepts are used in research articles, and in what areas the concept of science is used most often. Applied research methods are systematic and logical analysis of changes in science and new science as well as empirical analysis of the content and quantity of the documents. The main conclusion: the study confirms that the new science unfolds and evolves through scientific articles not only in technological, and physical or biomedical sciences, but also in the social sciences and the humanities. So paradigmatic changes are taking place in all areas.

KEYWORDS: new science, science articles, new science concepts.

JEL classification: A1, B00.

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