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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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The Framework for Business Intelligence Driven Analysis of Study Course Teaching Efficiency
Vigintas Sakys, Kestutis Kapocius, Rimantas Butleris, Audrius Lopata, Saulius Gudas

ABSTRACT. As Lithuanian higher education institutions are forced to compete between themselves and with foreign universities, the ability to constantly monitor and improve study quality becomes paramount. Among the internal resources available for this task comprehensive data stored by local Academic Information Systems have been used. However, standard data analysis capabilities often fail to transform this data into conclusive, knowledge-containing insights. The aim of the presented research was to address this issue by developing a framework for monitoring teaching efficiency of study course with the help of modern Business Intelligence solutions. The framework has been implemented at the Faculty of Informatics of Kaunas University of Technology, and the developed prototype proved to be a promising decision-making tool. It is possible to presume our findings could be beneficial to other higher education institutions willing to invest in solutions of monitoring the teaching quality. At the center of the proposal, there is a developed set of seven key indicators of the performance that can be combined to get an objective and easily understandable evaluation of efficiency of course teaching.

KEYWORDS: higher education in Lithuania, teaching efficiency, business intelligence, key performance indicator.

JEL classification: M15, C88, 123.

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