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Transformations in
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Motives and Types of R&D Activity Internationalisation in Poland – Theory and Practice
Katarzyna Koziol-Nadolna, Joanna Wisniewska

ABSTRACT. R&D activity is ranked among such processes as internationalization and economic globalization. These processes are coherent with the concept of open innovation according to which external environment is a source of innovation due to which it is plausible to come up with innovations more effectively, quickly and facing slighter risk. The survey is aimed at identifying transnational corporations that have established R&D centres in Poland, getting to know motives behind transferring R&D activity to Poland and models for their internationalization.

The internationalization of R&D takes place on the largest scale in the following three OECD regions: the United States, European Union and Japan. Recently there has been a growing tendency toward locating research and development activity in developing and transforming countries (including East-Central Europe). Furthermore, Poland has been attracting greater number of investments in R&D sphere. On the basis of the survey conducted in Poland, 57 R&D centres established by transnational corporations were identified. The internationalization of R&D activity conducted by enterprises in Poland takes certain forms as far as transferring of this activity is concerned (local adopter, internal performer, local constructor and global constructor).

KEYWORDS: internationalization of R&D activity, FDI, transnational corporations, Poland.

JEL classification: F23, 03.

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