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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Guest Editorial
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JEL classification: Y20.

Transformation in Business & Economics journal continues in providing a focused high quality research in the area of Development Economics and related disciplines. The field of study is not limited by a narrow definition of development economics. But embraces all the new issues of interest of economic theory, finances, business management, marketing as well as in general transformations in the economic, social, ecological, technological environment. The current issue of journal presents guest and special editorials by groups of scholars from the Poland, USA, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Lithuania. The fifth major topics of transformations in business and economics are addressed in this issue: sustainable development; population economics, transformations in EU economics, business development and implications for financial.

Polish scholars Yuriy Bilan and Magdalena Florek in their papers deal with actual issues of migration and equity in Poland. Jakub Gazda in his article presents analysis of Real Business Cycle Models in Spanish Economy and Waldemar Tyc reveals the Price Bubble Mechanism. Romanian scholars Kamer-Ainur Aivaz and Elena Condrea provides some Empirical Evidence about the Effects of Macroeconomic Variables on the Exchange Rate in Romania.

Another group of Polish researchers deal with actual issues of business environment covering Evolution of Enterprises’ Size Regarding Employment in the EU, Entrepreneurial Attitudes Adopted by Employees of Polish Enterprise, Sales-marketing Interfaces within Business Firms and Motives and Types of R&D Activity Internationalisation in Poland. Lithuanian scholars Gintautas Garsva, Sigitas Skuoda and Kristina Rudzioniene discuss problems of Earnings Management in European Banks. Katarzyna Byrka-Kita introduces the Empirical Analysis of Control Premium on Polish Capital Market.

The journal aims to serve as a link between theorist and practitioners all over the world and helps to build a bridge between development economists and their colleagues in related field to foster research results, acquired from transformations and synthesis of related disciplines. Papers researching the interaction of the economy, behavioural science, business, environment etc. are the major focus of this issue with the main contribution from Polish scholars. The Transformation in Business & Economics presents valuable advanced research in economic transformations facilitating the dissemination of knowledge acquired and good practice results among developing and countries in transition.

Guest Editor

Hab. Dr. Bernat Tomasz,
Head of Microeconomics Department,
University of Szczecin, Poland

13th August, 2012

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