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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
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Regional Analysis of Impact Factors on the Graduation of Pre-Academic Studies in Romania
Carmen Pintilescu, Livia Baciu

ABSTRACT. This paper aims at analyzing the economic factors that influence the graduation rate of pre-academic education in Romania, the analysis being conducted at regional level. The first part of the study highlighted the economic and social disparities at the level of Romania’s regions, taking into account the most important macroeconomic indicators registered in 2008 and aiming at identifying significant differences in their development level.

The second part of the study focused on the analysis of the main indicators from the education area at regional level in order to distinguish the correlation between the specific economic situation of Romanian regions and the most important outcome of education, the graduation rate.

In the third part, the modelling of the correlation between the input and output of the educational process was presented, using as a dependent variable the graduation rate in secondary education.

The most important results obtained by means of the econometric modelling were: the existence of significant differences between secondary level graduation rate and level of regional development and the fact that graduation rate might significantly increase in the poorest region if an increase in public financing or in the net nominal wages of the households occurred.

KEYWORDS: development regions, education, completion rate of pre-academic studies, Romania.

JEL classification: I24, I25, O18, P2.

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