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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Promoting International Scientific Networks
  • Ternopil public organization (NGO)
  • “Centre of sociological research” (CSR)
  • Тернопільська обласна громадська організація
  • «Центр соціологічних досліджень» (ЦСД)

Konovalca Str, 10/49
46020, Ternopil

Tel.: +380 98 4783673

Centre of Sociological Research (CSR):
  • conducts analytical sociological research covering issues of social and economic development of Ternopil district;
  • conducts projects independently as well as in cooperation with other local and international organizations;
  • gives Ukrainian scientists the opportunity to cooperate and exchange experience and information with partners from other countries and institutions;
  • organizes scientific seminars, conferences and educational.
The key areas of interest include:
  • Creation of unions of young scientists and professionals from Central and Eastern Europe which have large experience in the field of social projects realizing.
  • Development of integrated information and research systems/networks covering scientific achievements of East European countries.
  • Migration policy of EU countries relatively to the national migration policy in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe.
  • National policy relatively to the participation of women in scientific life in the CEE countries.
  • Research “Student’s entrepreneurship” in CEE countries.
Mission of Centre of Sociological Research:
  • We support the development of international cooperation in the sphere of sociological research and sociology.
  • We organize social partnership.
  • We support the cooperation of scientists in the field of sociological research.
  • Our fundamental principle is the mutually-beneficial partnership
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