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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Polish Economic Turnabout in the Production Sector based on the Example of Shipbuilding Industry: An Attempt to Generalize the Process
Leonard Henryk Rozenberg, Leon Zygmunt Dorozik

ABSTRACT. The process of Polish transformations (economic turnabout) which the beginning had place in year 1989 is not an easy in practice. It is turning out that many problems did not remain in fact solved into the accepted widely as just and balanced way. Authors are showing historical beginnings of the period of transformations prepared together with elements of analyses through theoreticians known the most of practitioners of the refined economy.

A fall of the Polish produced industry is analyzed on this background on the example for the liquidation of the Polish sector of the shipbuilding. Causes of this collapse were shown and they were trying to demonstrate that they are typical not only the shipbuilding industry but they are fading out for many branches of industry which fell down in Poland.

KEYWORDS: economic turnabout, transformation, restructuring, shipbuilding, industry, Poland.

JEL classification: H21, L16, O31, P11, R12.

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