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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Promoting National and International Scientific Events
Title of the International Conference: Economic Challenges of the 21st Century: Poland – European Union - the World
Type of the International conference: The 7th Annual Meeting of Economics department and the International Conference.
  • Department of the Microeconomics, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin, Poland
The event is supported by the EU-Interreg IVB (Baltic Sea) project “From theory and plans to eco-efficient and sustainable practices to improve the status of the Baltic Sea” (WATERPRAXIS), which looks at the connections between sustainability and river basin management.
Main topics of the International Conference: Main objectives:
  • Integration of researchers society
  • Presenting research results and discussion
  • Exchange of information of research trends and activity of economics departments
  • Discussion about micro- and macroeconomics problems in different countries and about them political implication, as well.
  • Discussion about educational problems of economics teaching
The main topic groups:
  • Education level – debatable issue.
  • State interventionism in the modern economy.
  • Market behaviour of enterprises and households.
  • Human capital in the economy.
Language: English, Polish
Date: 07 – 09th June, 2010
Main deadlines: Registration for conference (including paper topics and abstracts) 08th March, 2010.
Feedback and topic acceptation - 02nd April, 2010.
Participation fee payment – 02nd April, 2010.
Full paper – 23rd April, 2010.
Preliminary conference programme – 21st May, 2010.
Venue: Hotel Rybank, Miedzyzdroje, Poland.
Contact: University of Szczecin, Department of the Microeconomics, Mickiewicza 64/66, 71-101 Szczecin, Poland
fax: (091) 444-21-37
Conference Web Site:

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Title of the International Conference: Energy Economy, Policies and Supply Security: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis
Type of the International Conference: 11th IAEE European Conference
Organiser(s): The host of the Conference is Lithuanian Institute of Energy (LEI, Kaunas, Lithuania) in cooperation with:
  • International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE);
  • Association for Energy Economics (AEE).
Main topics of the International Conference: Conference topics:
  • Energy supply security (political, economic and technical).
  • Sustainability of energy systems, mitigation of global warming.
  • Role of renewable energy sources and bio-fuels.
  • Energy demand forecasting.
  • Energy sector analysis and modelling.
  • Energy policy.
  • Geopolitics of energy supply (gas, oil, nuclear and etc.). Price of security.
  • Road map for energy efficiency.
  • Market integration and liberalization.
  • Energy sector risk analysis.
  • Specific energy sector problems of CEE countries.
  • Nuclear energy: hopes and realities.
  • Environment.
Language: English
Date: 25 - 28th August, 2010
Main deadlines:
  • Abstract submission deadline: by 9 April 2010
  • Submit abstracts of maximum two pages in length, comprising: overview, methods, results, conclusions; attach a short CV; the corresponding author, submitting the abstract, must provide complete contact details: mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail etc.
  • Authors’ notification: by 9 May 2010
  • Full-length papers (up to 10-12 pages limit suggested): by 9 July 2010
Venue: Reval Hotel Lietuva*****, Konstitucijos av. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Contact: Prof. Jurgis Vilemas, General Conference Chair
Conference Web Site:

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Title of the International Conference: Nations, Regions, Organizations – Cultural Diversity as a Source of Integration and Alienation
Type of the International Conference: The International Conference
  • Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Szczecin, Poland
Main topics of the International Conference: The main scientific problem of this conference is to discuss the role of nations, regions and organizations in creating cultural identity and search for the border where cultural diversity does not facilitate integration, or to specify a level or degree of cultural diversity which is not functional any more.
The main topic groups:
  • collective identity and leads of assimilation and differentiation,
  • optimum cultural diversity,
  • national identity and regional identity,
  • ethnic and national conflicts,
  • intercultural, multicultural or transcultural?
  • ethno-renaissance, regionalization, glocalization,
  • migrations and intercultural communication,
  • integration in multicultural work teams,
  • national culture vs. organizational culture,
  • cultural engineering in organizations,
  • diversity management,
  • global organizational culture.
Language: English, Polish
Date: 22 – 23 November, 2010
Main deadlines: 15 June 2010 – registration forms with abstracts;
30 June 2010 – organizers’ information about the acceptance of the paper;
15 July 2010 – deadline for payment of conference fee;
30 November 2010 – deadline for sending the paper to be published (provided the reviewer’s decision is positive).
Venue: Faculty of Humanities, Szczecin University, ul. Krakowska 71-79, Sala 194, Szczecin, Poland
Contact: Dr. Agnieszka Kolodziej-Durnaš,
Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, Szczecin University, Krakowska St. 71-79, 71-017, Szczecin, Poland
Tel. (+48) 91 444 32 39
Conference Web Site:

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