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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
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Regional Comparative Analysis Model of Specialisation in the Manufacturing Industry: Romania and EU-25 Case Study
Cezar Mereuta, Lucian-Liviu Albu, Marioara Iordan, Mihaela-Nona Chilian

ABSTRACT. The paper presents a regional comparative analysis model of specialization in the manufacturing industry in Romania and EU-25. The internal and external specializations are both defined by a structure indicator and an economic performance indicator. The results of the model are synthesized in a five zone matrix: I: internal and external sub-specialization - II: internal specialization and external sub-specialization - III: internal and external specialization - IV: internal sub-specialization and external specialization - V: lack of internal or/and external specialization. The model provides the possibility of setting up a SWOT typology both in static and dynamic outlook which, along with a sector productivity analysis, may provide consistent strategic information regarding the development of investments at a regional level.

KEYWORDS: industrial specialization model, manufacturing industry, performance indicators, Romania, EU-25.

JEL classification: C02, L60, O57, P2.

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