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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Liberalization and Normality in the Competition Behaviour: The Case of the Romanian Transition Economy
Dumitru Miron, Andreea Paul

ABSTRACT. In the last decades, the normalization of behaviours at the organizational and individual level in an increasingly dynamic and complex economic environment, by defining behavioural norms and establishing adaptation strategies, has had a complex evolution, marked by its position at the intersection between contestation and reform. We have explained how before and even after joining European Union, in Romania’s case, the existence of legislation and applying it seem to be two sensibly different issues, as the public or private economic agents find it very difficult to give up the facilities and privileges they benefited of before 1990, during the command economy, but visibly perpetuated in the period 1990-2009. In this paper was analyzed Romania’s disadvantageous position at the international level from the angle of competition policy and practices and was offered an answer to the question why is Romanian market functional, but inefficient?

KEYWORDS: competition strategies, policies and practices, effectiveness versus efficiency, pro-competitive structural reforms, functional market economy, excessive prices, Romania.

JEL classification: L40, D40, F12, P2.

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