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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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The Expression of Effective Crisis Communication in Today’s Corporation: Theoretical Insights and Practical Application
Asta Valackiene

ABSTRACT. Applying systematic analysis of academic literature the paper discusses not widely spread social phenomenon in Lithuania – communication systems in business environment. Multidiscipline approach is employed to analyze the phenomenon. While elaborating scientific discussions in social science interface it is intended to find the answers to the following issues: how decision taking is influenced by internal and external business environments; how to communicate during crisis period; how to prepare efficient crisis communication plan. The paper introduces communication as a social institution system and as a strategic management function which can solve modern socioeconomic challenges in a business environment: necessity to create trust between internal and external company stakeholders; business activation through developing responsible corporate culture. The first part of the paper gives theoretical background of communication concept with the emphasis on communication place in the management structure. On the basis of these theoretical insights it is possible to state that crisis management requires cooperation within separate introduced social phenomenon structures: efficient internal and external communications; identification of persons and their roles that are defined by special position and responsibility; efficient collective decision taking; control; cooperation responsibility and communication. Applying deductive logic in the second part of the paper practical recommendations are supplied – the plan of effective crisis communication.

The following hypothesis has been put forward - communication is central to the today’s company approach, and communication between publics is the core of business activity. In the introduced context the problem of effective communication stays topical from the social, economic and management approaches.

KEYWORDS: effective crisis communication, communication systems, crisis planning, strategic management.

JEL classification: L14, L26, M14, O21.

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