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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
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Promoting National and International Scientific Events
Title of the International Conference: Current Issues of Sustainable Development – Governance and Institutional Change
Type of the International conference: 10th International Scientific Conference
Organiser(s): Hosted by Faculty of Economics, Opole University (Poland) and organised in co-operation with:
  • Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau (IHI) (Germany);
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) (the Netherlands);
  • PFH Göttingen (Germany);
  • International Network of Young Researchers (INYRSS);
  • Europejskie Stowarzyszenie Ekonomistow;
  • Srodowiska i Zasobow Naturalnych in Social Sciences;
  • Selçuk University (Turkey)
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  • Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz (FH) (Germany).
The event is supported by the EU-Interreg IVB (Baltic Sea) project “From theory and plans to eco-efficient and sustainable practices to improve the status of the Baltic Sea” (WATERPRAXIS), which looks at the connections between sustainability and river basin management.
Main topics of the International Conference: As institutional environments and structures of governance vary depending on the country or region, different approaches to achieving sustainable development may be required. The general aims of the conference are to discuss and analyse:
  • Institutions, Governance, and Sustainable Development in Transition Countries.
  • The challenge of global governance in the face of climate change and global poverty.
  • Can Europe become sustainable without global sustainability?
  • Local governance’s capability to achieve sustainable development.
  • Eco-efficiency and sustainable praxis to improve quality and management of the river basin in the Baltic Region.
  • Technology transfer and eco-efficiency for sustainable energy projects.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and the problem of climate change and energy efficiency.
The organisers invite papers and posters of researchers from disciplines involved in issues of governance and sustainable development, e.g. economics, geography, environmental sciences, natural sciences, legal sciences, social sciences. Papers, after positive review, are considered for publication in:
  • „Economic and Environmental Studies“,
  • „Transitions“,
  • „Management of Environmental Quality“,
  • an international monograph on „Sustainable Business Development and Markets in East-Central Europe“ or
  • „International Journal of Research Trends in Social Sciences (IJORTISS)”.
Language: English
Date: 18 - 20th April, 2010
Main deadlines:
  • Register and submit the abstract no later than 19th February 2010.
  • The abstract should be written in English and should point out the general interest of the paper to be presented touching the above named issues. The abstract should include the following details: (1) title of the presentation, (2) name of the authors, organisation, email-address, mailing-address, phone number, (3) keywords, (4) body text (max. 250 words), (5) an approx. 80-word biography on the scientific/ educational background of the author(s).
  • Full papers are expected by 19th March 2010.
Venue: Faculty of Economics, Opole University, ul. Ozimska 46a, 45-058 Opole, Poland
Contact: Prof. Dr. Joost Platje, Chief-Coordinator, Faculty of Economics, Opole University, Poland; fax: +48-77-40 16 901; telephone: +48-600-521110
Conference Web Site:

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Title of the International Conference: Regional Responses and Global Shifts: Actors, Institutions and Organisations
Type of the International Conference: International Scientific Conference
  • Regional Studies Association (UK);
  • Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
  • the Hungarian Regional Studies Association;
  • Faculty of Economics of the University of Pécs, Hungary.
Main topics of the International Conference: Papers which are collaborative, international or multi-disciplinary are especially welcome. Specifically, this conference calls for papers in the following interrelated themes:
  • Innovative strategies and practices of firms in regional development.
  • Labour organisations and their continued relevance for regional development.
  • Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) and Civil Society Organisations (CSO): facilitators of regional development?
  • Regional policies: government and quasi-government initiatives.
  • Reassessing EU Regional Policy.
  • People in regions: leadership, collective action and regional development.
  • Financing regions: global financial crisis and its future?
  • Cooperation across borders.
  • Global environmental change and the future of regional development.
  • Theory and research in regional studies.
  • Spatial planning in cities and regions.
  • Regional policy and development in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.
Language: English
Date: 24 - 26th May, 2010
Main deadlines:
  • Abstract submission and speaker registration deadline – Sunday, 14th February 2010
  • Full paper submission for entry to the Best Paper Competitions expires Sunday 4th April 2010
  • Non-speaker, Early Registration Fee deadline – Sunday 7th March 2010
  • Late registration fees applicable to all as of Monday 8th March 2010
Venue: The European Capital of Culture 2010 Pécs in Southern Hungary.
Contact: Sally Hardy MeRSA, Chief Executive,
Regional Studies Association, PO Box 2058, Seaford BN25 4QU, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1323 899 698; Fax: +44 (0)1323 899 798; Mobile: 07980 831 282
Conference Web Site:

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Title of the International Conference: Energy Economy, Policies and Supply Security: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis
Type of the International Conference: 11th IAEE European Conference
Organiser(s): The host of the Conference is Lithuanian Institute of Energy (LEI, Kaunas, Lithuania) in cooperation with:
  • International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE);
  • Association for Energy Economics (AEE).
Main topics of the International Conference: Conference topics:
  • Energy supply security (political, economic and technical).
  • Sustainability of energy systems, mitigation of global warming.
  • Role of renewable energy sources and bio-fuels.
  • Energy demand forecasting.
  • Energy sector analysis and modelling.
  • Energy policy.
  • Geopolitics of energy supply (gas, oil, nuclear and etc.). Price of security.
  • Road map for energy efficiency.
  • Market integration and liberalization.
  • Energy sector risk analysis.
  • Specific energy sector problems of CEE countries.
  • Nuclear energy: hopes and realities.
  • Environment.
Language: English
Date: 25 – 28th August, 2010
Main deadlines:
  • Abstract submission deadline: by 9th April 2010
  • Submit abstracts of maximum two pages in length, comprising: overview, methods, results, conclusions; attach a short CV; the corresponding author, submitting the abstract, must provide complete contact details: mailing address, phone, fax, e-mail etc.
  • Authors’ notification: by 9th May 2010
  • Full-length papers (up to 10-12 pages limit suggested): by 9th July 2010
Venue: Reval Hotel Lietuva*****, Konstitucijos av. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Contact: Prof. Jurgis Vilemas, General Conference Chair
Conference Web Site:

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