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Transformations  in
Business & Economics

Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Guest Editorial
On Developments in Economics: Social, Financial, Agricultural and Behavioural Aspects

JEL classification: Y20.

We are proud to announce that the International Journal of Scholarly Papers “Transformations in Business & Economics” (TIBE) has expanded its activities and scope of publication, opening the Library of TIBE. It constitutes supplements, published as a corporate part of the Journal, applying the same high standards of paper selection.

The aim of introducing supplements to TIBE is two-fold: firstly, to offer a constructive basis for publishing quality papers from international scientific conferences, symposiums an forums; secondly, to serve as a medium for publishing scientific monographs in the form of a supplement to enrich our TIBE Library by pioneering this process in Lithuania. We would orientate our efforts towards promotion of scientific thought from the CEEC region as indicated in our corporate mission, in order to foster the exchange of innovative ideas and conceptual insights from a broad spectrum of social sciences, namely economics and business management, incorporating scientific achievements and progressive approaches from the interdisciplinary perspective as well.

The founder and publisher of TIBE – Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, Vilnius University (VU KHF), Lithuania – made the first step towards this goal. On 18-19th May, 2007, VU KHF organized the First International and Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference FIHUSO-2007. The interdisciplinary approach was successfully applied within the following context of merging Physical Sciences (Informatics) – represented by the acronym „FI“ in the title of the conference, the Humanities (Philology) – the acronym „HU“, and Social Sciences (Economics and Management) – the acronym „SO“, which was sought to reflect the interrelationship and cross-field research issues in globalisation of economies, political and socio-economic realities, cultural-ethnic-linguistic crossroads, applications in business informatics, innovation management in the educational system.

Therefore, Supplement B for Volume 7, No 2(14), 2008 is dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach of Social Sciences, namely Economics, with a focus on transformational processes in theory and practice of the following issues:

  1. transformational challenges in socio-economic and financial context are researched in the light of FDI on local and international levels; financial decision-making; stock markets and security markets; accountancy modelling; insurance market and logistic capital management; issues in accounting in health-care sector; policies as adequately applied in the agricultural and environmental sectors;
  2. transformational challenges for consumer economics are perceived as a vital tool for transforming consumer behaviour in the highlight of brand awareness and brand perception; time distribution between the working time and the household time as researched in Poland; quality assurance and quality assessment in higher education as witnessed in Lithuanian universities.

We hope that the new boundaries, which we have opened for the scientific world and business practitioners would expand both horizontally and vertically to capture innovative ideas and to offer new applications and prospects in the cognition of development economics.

Guest Editor Prof. Dr. Dainora Grundey

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