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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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The Model for Lithuanian Construction Industry Development
Edmundas K. Zavadskas, Arturas Kaklauskas

ABSTRACT. Construction is concentrated mostly in a particular ever-changing environment. Micro, meso and macro environments have direct impacts on sustainable construction development opportunities and all these variable factors can be optimized. This may facilitate sustainable construction development or, on the contrary, it may create constraints. Micro, meso and macro environments must be considered as an aggregate of forces influencing sustainable construction development and combining both the factors that have a direct impact and those whose impact is felt indirectly. This research’s aim was to develop a model of rational sustainable Lithuanian construction development by undertaking a complex analysis of micro, meso and macro environmental factors affecting it and to present recommendations for increasing its competitive abilities. The obtained results have partially confirmed the available data, and interesting trends of the construction development have been noted. In order to demonstrate the application of the above research a concrete examples in Lithuanian construction will be considered in this paper.

KEYWORDS: construction industry, model, transformations, development.

JEL classification: L74, O1, P2.

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