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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Global Marketing Ethics: Social and Emotional-Psychological Issues in Advertising to Children
Dainora Grundey

ABSTRACT. While it may have been acceptable in the past for businesses to pursue profits single-mindedly with little or no consideration for the wider social and environmental impact of their activities, this is not the case today. The consumer movement and the environmental lobby are now firmly established as vigilant and powerful watchdogs, and have successfully brought about changes in business practice and in the laws which govern how businesses must operate.

This paper focuses upon emotional and psychological charge of advertising for children as witnessed in global ethical marketing trends for two broad reasons:

  1. 1) First, it is because children are children, and are considered separately.
  2. 2) Second, it is because children will become adults. Advertising, therefore, effects behaviour during childhood and continues to do so into adulthood.

KEYWORDS: marketing, advertising, ethics, emotions, children as a target audience.

JEL classification: M31, M37, D2, M14, J13.

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