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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
Business & Economics

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Human Capital Creation, Accumulation and Management in Lithuania: The Case of National and Foreign Capital Enterprises
Dainora Grundey, Darius Varnas

ABSTRACT. The human capital theory and the researches coherent with it is the new concept of contemporary economic theory. It analyzes the main subjects and problems of labour force formation and quality. The concept of general and specific human capital investments, the main features and theories of human capital, the variety of investments in human capital and their correlation are the main items of this study. The main objective of the study is to distinguish and evaluate the principals of investments in human capital in the enterprises by using the theoretical and empirical data analysis. The study also aims to investigate:

  • what the main principals of investment into human capital, differences and similarities of structure in companies of Lithuanian and foreign capita are;
  • what the main factors motivating individuals and companies to invest into human capital are;
  • what the main aspects of management of human capital in Lithuanian and international companies are (e.g.: motivation of human capital management, ways of increasing competence and obligation inside organization, programs of human capital satisfying agendas of human capital professionals and clients, role of training courses and other institutions in formation of human capital, etc.).

The research of investments in human capital was determined by the scarcity of comprehensive prospects about the human capital creation, accumulation, investments, the efficiency of people’s production and economic forces appliance, etc. Whereas, in Lithuania it would be very useful to spare more attention for the creation of human capital potential as one of the transitional economy country.

KEYWORDS: human capital, investment, competence, knowledge, foreign capital enterprises, Lithuania.

JEL classification: D83, J24, E22, M12, P2.

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