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Transformations  in
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Transformations in
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Changes of Labour Market as the Main Determinant of Inequalities in the Consumption Structure in Polish Households
Katarzyna Włodarczyk-Śpiewak, Jarosław Korpysa

ABSTRACT. Joining the European Union certainly has an influence on positive conclusion of a transformation of the national economy that has lasted since the beginning of the 1990’s. However, there are certain sectors, such as agriculture, where this process is much slower. This sector, despite the fast industrialization, still plays an important part in the economic and social development of the country. Changes of labour market are one of determinants of inequalities. This causes a low level of income of the majority of farmers which, in turn, influences the continuous impoverishment of rural population and, what follows, diminishing of the level of economic growth. Human capital of the countryside, which is not only an information carrier but also contributes to competitiveness of the rural sector, is not adequately used. This fact causes poverty, unemployment and lowering of qualifications of the rural population.

The aim of the article is to present main problems of the labour market of the Polish countryside. The main object of this article will be analyses of the consumption structure in Polish society and analyses of labour market as main determinant of changes in consumption structure in Polish households in towns and in the country, too. These problems will describe consumption structure for the Polish society (in towns and in the country) before economy transformation (80s), consumption structure during economy transformation (90s) and changes in Polish consumption structure after 15 years changes in economy against a background of labour market. The article use research which was done during this time among Polish society, too.

KEYWORDS: human capital, labour market, agriculture economics, consumption structure, household economics, Poland.

JEL classification: D1, E21, J01, J43, Q1, P2.

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